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The Scottish Goats Milk Soap Company

The Scottish Goats Milk Soap Company - Gift Box

The Scottish Goats Milk Soap Company - Gift Box

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This eco-friendly gift box contains 9 varieties of goats milk soap bars
in the perfect guest size bars. One natural unscented bar and 8 bars
fragranced with pure essential oils giving them each their own
wonderfully unique scent, a real treat for your skin and your sense of
smell, not to mention your mind.

The boxes are lined with shredded tissue paper and tied with twine and
dried lavender to add that little extra something special.

There is a note within each box telling the recipient a little about the
benefits of goats milk soap.

Each bar weighs approx 45g (this may vary slightly as they are handmade).

The Scottish Goats Milk Soap Company is based in Fife, where all our soaps are made. Our soaps are natural and ethical. All of our products are free of parabens, palm oil and artificial fragrances. Our products and all of their ingredients are cruelty free. We print all our own packaging which is also eco-friendly.

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