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Maxi Sour Sweetie Box

Maxi Sour Sweetie Box

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Want to impress the small humans in your life? Our new selection of sweetie gift boxes has got you covered! Packed with delicious treats, these boxes are sure to bring a big smile to any little face!

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Vidal Watermelon Sour Belt 11g * Zed Candy Screamers Dip & Lick 40g * Bazooka Sour Chewz Apple Chew Bar 14g * Toxic Waste Cherry Chew Bar 20g * Warheads Super Sour Squeeze Me Gel 20g * Tango Sherbet Shockers Blue Raspberry Chew Bar 11g * Chewits Xtreme Extremely Lemon Chews 34g * Zed Candy Screamers Powder Tube 15g

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