Scotch Whisky business, Douglas Laing & Co, toasted it’s 75th anniversary with the release of six rare single casks from the family vaults.

Named, The Diamond Collection, it features some of the finest drams from Scotland’s most acclaimed distilleries.

This collection provides a unique opportunity for whisky enthusiasts to experience the breadth of the family vaults.

Established in 1948 by Fred Douglas Laing, Douglas Laing & Co. has remained an independent, family-run business. Transitioning through three generations, the mantle has now been assumed by Cara, the granddaughter of the founder.

The hand picked collection includes Speyside’s Finest 55 Years Old, Port Dundas 45 Years Old, Macallan 35 Years Old, Blair Athol 30 Years Old, Cameronbridge 45 Years Old and an elusive Port Ellen 40 Years Old.

The bottles have been sampled by renowned whisky expert and author Charles MacLean.

‘This is an exceptional Diamond Collection of six rare old Malt and Grain Scotch Whiskies – all Single Casks so extremely rare – selected by Fred Laing and his daughter, Cara, to mark the legacy of their family business, Douglas Laing & Co,’ he said.

‘I was delighted to have been invited to assess and profile the whiskies, with Fred and Cara, in their new tasting room, and can happily report their excellence.’

Cara added: ‘For the continued support we have had over the years, we wanted to celebrate our family legacy and give Whisky lovers the chance to experience the drams we deem to be the most exceptional in their offering.

 ‘This is something I think we truly captured with The Diamond Collection – Single Cask Whiskies selected from deep within the Douglas Laing family vaults.

‘These latest editions reflect very much our focus and philosophy to release excellent Scotch Whisky at the peak of perfection, honouring everything this company and my family has always stood for.

‘This collection really is the diamond in the crown that is Douglas Laing & Co.’



Speyside’s Finest 55 Years Old (£5,000). Bold, vibrant, and demanding sweets and spices to the nose, revelling on the tongue with rich cocoa, warming cinnamon, juicy plums and spiced oak. With a finish of serene autumnal fruits and Seville orange, this compelling whisky is limited to just 310 bottles.

Port Dundas 45 Years Old (£1,800)

From the now closed Port Dundas “ghost” Grain Distillery, the 45 Years Old that holds the name of its birthplace, is the sweet yet supple edition to The Diamond Series. The nose is reminiscent of your favourite sweet treats, replete with early candyfloss before the luscious sticky date pudding and custard. The fudge-laden palate brings a vanilla, cereal, and mild tobacco style with a strong crescendo finish of custard enlaced with traces of honey. This sparkling addition the collection has just 106 bottles.

Macallan 35 Years Old (£5,500) This bottle allures the nose with a strong zest before warming to a distinctly red fruit and cereal sense. The palate is met by the evident malt, being “chewy” early, before mellowing into a fired crème brulee and gentle spiced experience. A delicacy for the palate, this iconic, yet standalone whisky is limited to 334 bottles.

Blair Athol 30 Years Old (£1,800) This reveals coffee, fresh autumnal fruit, cinnamon, and home baked cake on the nose before the Sherry heritage fills the palate with its distinct warmly spiced, sugary sultana style. The finish is cooler, carrying a drier, minty backdrop amongst later mocha to round out this exquisitely well-balanced dram. This Highland whisky had been bottled 399.

Cameronbridge 45 Years Old (£1,800) This is the rarest of collection with just 98 bottles made. This extremely rare Single Cask opens like its colour: full of dark demerara sugar, corn, molasses and spices. The palate delivers an unctuous mouthfeel of drizzled lemon juice amongst the well-blended notes of barley, sugar, and honey. On the finished arrives the vanilla, maple syrup and Bourbon tastes with a late drifting allure of smokiness. 

Port Ellen 40 Years Old (£5,500) To round off the series is, the Single Malt from the long-closed, legendary Port Ellen Distillery on Islay. The first hints of this fine bottle are sweet and citrussy, with a warm beachy backdrop that becomes apparent with the mouth-puckeringly salty palate that is synonymously Islay in style. The smoking peat with bonfire ash and coal dust dances on the tongue before the characteristically smoky finish lingers with a soft chewed leather, chimney soot and a phenolic creosote flavour. This powerful whisky has just 290 bottles.

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