Ask anyone to think of spirits synonymous with Scotland and whisky will be top of the list, closely followed by gin with the boom in craft productions. But there is one spirit that is joining these titans on the Scottish spirit market: vodka.

Brought to you from Still Spirited, this new Scottish vodka certainly made this writer rethink everything he thought he knew about the spirit.

Behind the Still Spirited brand is a family of bakers renowned for their Murdoch Allan, expertly taking their knowledge of combining quality ingredients to produce quality products and applying it to this new venture.

Still Spirited's Paul Allan

Still Spirited’s Paul Allan

So along I went to Faffless wine bar in Aberdeen where Paul and Katrina Allan treated us to a tasting of the new vodka. Served neat and chilled, the vodka is perfectly smooth with a warming kick and no sharp or burning aftertaste often associated with the spirit.

Neat is, however, not the only way to enjoy the vodka. A curated mini-menu of cocktails was on offer, chosen specifically to allow the vodka to shine. Coupled with a cocktail making demonstration from Faffless owner Craig Thom, the Still Spirited cocktails were delicious. The vodka blended well with the other ingredients while not being lost among the flavours. As a lover of pear and elderflower, the Pernelle cocktail was to die for.

A specially curated cocktail menu accompanied the vodka tasting.

The vodka was a hit and it gave us a chance to find out more about the local ingredients and distillation process. The whole evening showed why a Scottish vodka was a no-brainer for the brand.

Following on from the success of Still Spirited’s Craft Sottish Gin will be a tough ask, but the Craft Single Malt Scottish Vodka is certainly up to the task. It certainly is ‘different, distinct, and delightful to drink’.

Katrina Allan at the tasting evening.

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