Skotch and Sketch at The Glasshouse, Edinburgh

Skotch and Sketch at The Glasshouse, Edinburgh

Grant Dickie heads to a Skotch and Sketch workshop at The Glasshouse, in Edinburgh, to taste their latest dram and try his hand at sketching. 


Picture the scene. It’s a warm and intermittently sunny evening, you’re on a stunning rooftop garden, sipping a whisky cocktail, and then you’re asked to draw a still life.

Well, this was the scenario I found myself in at The Glasshouse’s Skotch and Sketch workshop in Edinburgh recently, and I have to say, it was excellent.

Held to showcase YTL’s new Glenborrodale by Adelphi whisky, this blended malt is the second batch created by Adelphi for the hotel group.


Tasting the whisky, you could immediately sense the elements they wanted to infuse. Notes of salt, caramel, shone through, and a smoothness that makes this my kind of dram.

While tasting the whisky, artist Liana Moran, whose work already dons the halls of the hotel, tried to tease out the guests’ creativity in a relaxed and informative art workshop.

We were tasked with drawing one of the whisky bottles alongside a whisky glass, some barley, thistles and a rose, using pencils, ink pens and charcoal.

It was nice to get creative, but the star of the show remained the whisky. I would highly recommend a trip to The Glasshouse to try out their latest malt.



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