Review: The Old Manor Hotel, Lundin Links

Review: The Old Manor Hotel, Lundin Links

The sea really does have my heart. So it doesn’t take much to convince me a weekend away on the coast is a good idea.

A hop, skip and a jump along the motorway and I’m on the sand in the Kingdom of Fife. I am here to stay at the Old Manor Hotel in Lundin Links.

The East Neuk resort has a pretty fabulous beach and is well known for its world famous golf course, regularly chosen as the qualifying course for the Open Championships.

The building was constructed in 1864 but at that time was known as Airthernie House. It first became a hotel in 1949 and over the past few years it has undergone renovations after the Wallace family of Pettycur Bay took over its ownership.

I have a seaview room, with a small outdoor area overlooking the manicured gardens. It’s simple, but comfortable and the views are wonderful.

The East Neuk resort has a pretty fabulous beach and is well known for its world famous golf course.

I have my dog, who was well and truly fussed over by all the lovely staff when we arrived, so I am keen to get on the beach as quickly as possible.

Thankfully the hotel manager tells me the beach can be accessed directly from the hotel with just a short walk. It really is the perfect location for sea air lovers like me.

It’s a glorious walk through the immaculate grounds, and over the famous golf course, to reach the stunning beach.

We are practically the only ones there, despite it being a lovely, warm spring day. But I am not complaining. It’s wonderfully peaceful and we even spot some seals lounging about on the rocks just out to shore.

After a quick dip (the dog not me), we amble back to the hotel for dinner. The hotel’s Seaview Restaurant is busy when we arrive. A few golfers clearly drowning their sorrows, others toasting to their victory, and a couple of families gathering for various celebrations.

The waiter brings us some artisanal cheese and leek bread to enjoy as we settle into the menu. I opt for the pan fried seabass while my other half goes for the classic burger.

I am never sure what to expect from a hotel restaurant, but I am pleasantly surprised by my fish. The skin is crispy and the perfectly cooked flesh flakes away easily with my fork. It’s served with some fresh seasonal vegetables and a rich herb butter sauce and potatoes. All in all, very enjoyable.

Beautiful greenery surrounds the hotel.

The burger is substantial. High quality steak meat cooked exceptionally well with all the usual trimmings. It’s a winner.

Then it’s on to pudding, a sharp lemon tart with a delicious blackcurrant sorbet and rich chantilly creme. The tart pastry could have been thinner, but the filling is nice. Zingy and fresh, perfectly balanced with the sweet sorbet.

We also order a chocolate orange cheesecake, slathered in a white chocolate sauce – it’s a crowd pleaser and sweet lover’s dream.

The food at the hotel is solid. There are no major surprises, so if you are in the market for some classic grub done well, the Seaview is for you.

It’s still light after dinner so we decide to walk the dog along the path between the beach and the golf course. It’s the perfect end to the evening.

The hotel has undergone renovations over the past few years.

The hotels’ location is a huge draw. Having access to the beach and these stunning views is a massive selling point.

If like me, the sea has your heart, head over Lundin Links and it’s fair to say you won’t be disappointed.

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