Rachel Hanretty from Mademoiselle Macaron takes us into her Barbie world…

Rachel Hanretty is accustomed to dealing with high end clients, having made her incredible macarons for luxury brands like Thomas Sabo, Lancome and Chanel. 

So she didn’t think much of it when Mademoiselle Macaron received a request from Warner Brothers about creating a batch of her French meringues. 

That was until she received an email with the order’s delivery address which read: ‘Building One, Barbie Set.’ 

Rachel was stunned when she realised the macarons were intended for the blockbuster Barbie film which features Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling.

‘We have had some really interesting people buying our macarons over the years but Barbie is up there with one of the best,’ Rachel said.

Credit: Carolyn Henry Photography

‘In April 2022 we got an email from the Warner Brothers set designer asking about the macrons and there was a bit of back and forth about colours and what they needed.

‘And then when we got the order in we saw the address and it said ‘Building One, Barbie set,’ and we knew at that point they were for the Barbie movie.

‘We weren’t really sure at that time they were actually going to be in the film.’ 

Rachel was commissioned to create 300 macarons for the movie.

In keeping with the film’s colour scheme, Rachel created pink, yellow and ‘Ken blue’ macarons, flavoured with rose, raspberry, lemon, orange blossom and caramel. 

The 33-year-old from Edinburgh was sworn to secrecy about the order and wasn’t even sure the macarons would feature in the film.

It was only when her eagled-eyed team spotted them in a scene with America Ferrera at a cafe that she discovered they had been included.

‘A couple of the team went with eagle eyes to see the film and they couldn’t believe it when they saw the macrons in one of the scenes with America Ferrera,’ Rachel said. 

‘It was such a big moment in my career, it felt incredible.’

Credit: Carolyn Henry Photography

Rachel learned how to craft macarons in Paris at the Alain Ducasse cookery school before returning to Scotland and launching Mademoiselle Macaron in 2013. 

She started making macarons from home and selling them at farmers markets.

Now Mademoiselle Macaron creates stunning bespoke macarons towers for weddings and corporate events.

Rachel also offers seasonals boxes, with this year’s Christmas flavours ranging from spiced orange hot chocolate, black forest, and trifle to pear and cinnamon and caramel butter popcorn. 

To find out more visit Mademoiselle Macaron.

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