If you’ve been seeking a truly exceptional vodka experience, look no further than X MUSE (pronounced ‘tenth muse’). This exquisite spirit is a tribute to Scotland’s rich heritage of spirit making, blending two heritage barley varieties, Plumage Archer and Maris Otter, with pure, pristine water sourced from an ancient aquifer within the heart of the Jupiter Artland estate. Crafted by Vadim Grigoryan, a distinguished expert in the drinks industry, and CEO Robert Wilson, co-creator of Jupiter Artland and co-owner of Nelsons, a leading Natural Medicine manufacturer, X MUSE is the result of their passion for the artistry of spirits.

The careful orchestration of these cherished barley varieties, known for their exceptional taste, culminates in a vodka of unparalleled smoothness and complexity. Whether you prefer it straight, on the rocks, or as the foundation for classic and creative cocktails, X MUSE delivers a unique and harmonious drinking experience.


What sets X MUSE apart is its commitment to utilising the finest local ingredients, sourced from Scotland and across the UK, resulting in consistent quality batches with subtle variations in organoleptic profile that celebrate the diversity of nature.

This spirit’s name, X MUSE, pays homage to the tenth muse—a concept drawn from Greek mythology, symbolising harmony and perfection. Inextricably linked to the pursuit of a pure and flawless vodka, this muse remains elusive and undefined, as reflected in the brand’s motto, “more is hid than uttered,” elegantly embossed on every bottle cap.

The striking bottle design, inspired by Charles Jencks’ monumental land art at Jupiter Artland, was expertly crafted by Stranger & Stranger. Furthermore, the liquid from the distillation process rests on amethyst crystals with a nod to British artist Anya Gallaccio’s amethyst grotto also located on the Jupiter Artland estate.

With its multi-layered design and brand identity, X MUSE seeks to create moments of connection—what it fondly terms ‘ambromoments’ (derived from the Greek word “ambrotos,” meaning “immortal”). The brand’s illustration, skillfully reimagined by the renowned graphic design studio A Practice For Everyday Life, draws inspiration from the work of 16th-century philosopher and alchemist Dr. John Dee and pays tribute to pioneering 20th-century artist Marcel Duchamp. Each element of the illustration is composed of four strokes, symbolising the four elements in nature, the four stages of distillation, and the four dimensions (three spatial and one temporal).


X MUSE has unveiled a new limited-edition bottle and giftbox inspired by Anglo-Argentinian artist Pablo Bronstein. The edition of 99 bottles features hand painted and foiled gothic and chinoiserie motifs in rich amethyst and gold colours, making it a striking addition to the festive table and beyond. Retailing at £299 the limited edition is available exclusively via Hedonism Wines in-store and online from the X MUSE website, with a portion of the profits of sale donated to Outset Contemporary Art Fund, the leading independent charity pioneering innovative arts projects on a global scale.

Adding an extra layer of sophistication, Milan-based design studio Formafantasma has created the X MUSE Helicon tasting workshop, featuring bespoke glassware, bottles, tableware, and containers to enhance the presentation of ingredients. An onsite permanent pavilion, known as the X Muse Temple at Jupiter Artland, will host tasting workshops, with online bookings opening in the spring.

Reflecting on the creation of X MUSE, CEO and Co-founder Robert Wilson remarked, “Creating a vodka that invites sipping and savouring is the spirit-maker’s supreme challenge. It cannot be bolstered by botanicals or aged in oak barrels. It must stand on its own merits. This is the measure of X Muse.”

Vadim Grigoryan, Co-founder, Artistic and Brand Director of X MUSE, adds, “We view spirits as cultural products deeply rooted in human history. X MUSE’s creation is informed by this history and our understanding of the meaning of spirits.”

Experience the magic of X MUSE, where history, art, and craftsmanship converge to create a vodka like no other. It’s a journey worth savouring, one ‘ambromoment’ at a time.

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X MUSE (70 CL Bottle) is priced at £55 and is available to purchase on X MUSE website and at HedonismPetersham CellarMaster of MaltAmazon UK and The Whisky Exchange.

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