Dram delights: Scotland’s new whiskies

Dram delights: Scotland’s new whiskies

Alice Grundon takes a look at some of Scotland’s new expressions…



Rich and deliciously decadent, Glenmorangie Pommard Cask Finish is the result of one of the Glenmorangie’ first experiments with prestigious Pommard red wine casks. 

A smooth, soft Glenmorangie, aged more than 10 years in bourbon casks was transferred into Pommard Casks for an exceptionally long finish. This 25-year-old single malt is considered to be one of Glenmorangie’s most delectable wine-cask finishes. It is now available to purchase exclusively at Heathrow Boutique.

ABV: 51.8%, RRP, £2,100 at the Glenmorangie Heathrow Boutique.  

Notes: Rich, decadent and aromatic, with rounded, fruity esters, along with some lemon sherbet, orange blossom honey and baked red apples. There are some deeper fruits, like plums and cherries, and even a touch of sweet spearmint. With a splash of water, even more fruitiness is revealed, with melon, pear and plum, and finally a gentle earthy or mossy note is encountered. 



Islay distillery Laphroaig has unveiled Elements 2.0, the second in its exploratory series of bold whiskies that experiment with different distillation techniques.

This new single malt showcases the flavour impact of extending the fermentation period, producing a fruitier whisky that still retains the peaty character that makes Laphroaig distinctive. 

ABV: 59.6%, RRP, £170. For more information, visit: 

Notes: fruity and subtly coastal. Stewed apples, vanilla custard and zesty orange peel with subtle peaty notes. Palate/Taste: sweet with an increasingly warning smokiness to finish.



Award-winning Highland distillery, Totamin, has announced a new addition to its core range, the 12 Year Old Sherry Cask.

The whisky has been fully matured in sherry casks for 12 years. This release builds upon the classically smooth Totamin 12 Year Old, honing in on pure sherry maturation.

This result is a remarkable dram that epitomises the exceptional craftsmanship, tradition and quality of the Highland malt, bringing together decadent, rich flavours imparted from the sherry casks.  

ABV: 40%, RRP, £52. 

Notes: Caramelised apple, pear, sultana, orange peel, apricots and hints of aged leather.

Palate: chocolate fudge, manuka honey, dried fruit and nut

Finish: cinnamon spice 



Rosebank Distillery has unveiled the final expression in its celebrated Legacy Series, a 32 year old. To celebrate this landmark, a bespoke piece of orchestral music has been commissioned, inspired by the whisky itself. 

Des Oliver, the composer, comments: “the composition evolves like my tasting experiences, with each moment capturing a different aspect of the whisky’s flavour profile- from its initial smoothness and richness to the subtle hints of oak and spice”. 

The 32 year old, which follows releases of a 30 and 31 year old, has been composed from the limited casks retained from before the distillery was closed, more than 30 years ago. 

ABV: 47.6%, RRP, £2,100. 



Bladnoch, Scotland’s southernmost distillery has completed the Master Distiller’s Waterfall Series with the release of the fifth and final edition into its portfolio of Lowland single malt Scottish whiskies. 

At the start of the unique whisky making journey for The Waterfall Series, Nick carefully selected enough ages Bladnoch single malt from a combination of sweet ex-bourbon casks and intense Oloroso sherry casks maturing in the distillery’s 207-year-old bluestone warehouse to create the five-year series.  

The fifth and final single malt, Waterfall 05 2024 Edition has been finished in second-fill Oloroso sherry puncheons to round all the flavours created over time.

ABV: 47.7%, RRP, £140.

Notes: Christmas dates with sugary dark treacle

Palate: Sticky toffee pudding with rounded, floral nutmeg

Finish: Rounded sweet mouth coating leading to subtle warmth


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