Dram delights: Scotland’s new whiskies

Dram delights: Scotland’s new whiskies

We take a look at some of Scotland’s new expressions…

Port Charlotte

Named after the eponymous village two miles south of Bruichladdich Distillery, Port Charlotte Islay single malt was first distilled in 2001. Laid down by the founders who resurrected the progressive Hebridean distillery the year prior, the latest release, an 18-Year-Old, is a true coming of age bottling and the oldest expression of the heavily peated single malt Scotch whisky to be released to date.

The casks have matured exclusively on Islay for the entirety of their lifespan, and – like all Port Charlotte single malts – the latest release has been distilled and bottled solely on the island.

ABV: 54.3%, RRP, £175. It can be purchased from www.bruichladdich.com

Notes: Fig, sweet sultanas, and raisins immediately open on the nose, followed by gentle waves of burnt heather and cinder toffee. Predominantly sweet and fruity on the palate, the influence of the oak brings toasted spices, cinnamon, and a hint of nutmeg, moving into peat infused scones, smoked popcorn, and salted caramel.



Lochlea Distillery in Ayrshire has launched the fourth and final release from its Second Crop series of the distillery’s seasonal releases: Ploughing Edition (Second Crop).

It marks winter on the farm when the fields are ploughed in preparation for spring’s sowing season in the months ahead. It is also the only Lochlea whisky with a distinctive smoky profile, achieved through it being matured exclusively in 100% ex-Islay 200 litre casks.

ABV: 46%, RRP, £51.50. It can be purchased from www.lochleadistillery.com/stockists

Notes: Nose: fresh green apple, signature Lochlea cereal. Palate: succulent fruit, freshly cut summer hay. Finish: sea salt, lingering peaty embers


The Macallan

The Macallan has announced the launch of The Macallan Horizon – an exclusive single malt Scotch whisky launched in collaboration with Bentley Motors.

The Macallan Horizon comes in a horizontal bottle with a twisted shape to represent the ‘horizontal trajectory of the automotive world’.

Six materials are used in the release, reflecting The Macallan’s ‘six pillars’, which are the brand’s ‘foundation stones’. The bottle is made of glass, with an aluminium ribbon wrapped around it. It is encased in a low-carbon leather sculpture and placed inside a recycled copper frame, made using former Macallan stills.

The fifth element is wood, with the closure featuring an inlay of oak wood and the sculpture finished with Bentley’s Crown Cut Walnut veneer, which was developed for its vehicles.

ABV: 46.6%, RRP, £40,000. It can be purchased from selected retailers. www.themacallan.com

Notes: Nose: Resinous polished oak with plums and dark cherries, alongside aromatic fresh leather and a herbal, leafy note. An abundance of dried fruits follow – sticky dates, raisins and sultanas leading on to sweet cinnamon, nutmeg with a hint of cloves. Palate/Taste: Wonderfully rich and indulgent. Dark treacle notes with cinder toffee, crystalised ginger and charred pineapple. Sweet vanilla pods and fudge develop, followed by dark chocolate coated brazil nuts and a warming oak spice. Finish: Rich oak, long, complex.



Louise Aitken-Walker, Scottish rallying legend and the 1990 FIA Ladies World Rally Champion, joins forces with renowned whisky expert David Robertson to launch a 33 Year Old Invergordon Single Grain Whisky. This rare and exceptional spirit commemorates her iconic victory 33 years ago.

The whisky itself, hand-selected by Aitken-Walker and David, resonates with the ethos of endurance, performance, and distinction that dominated her racing days. Just 490 bottles will be released. Every bottle carries her touch, with photography from her personal collection, encapsulating milestones, speed-dusted tracks, and the scenic beauty of Scotland.

ABV: 46%, RRP, £385. It can be purchased from www.turasdana.com

Notes: Tropical fruits, Crème Brule, and lemon zest.



Bladnoch, Scotland’s southernmost distillery, has introduced Chapter 1 of Loch Maberry: Stories of Bladnoch, the first release in a new limited-edition series.

Loch Maberry is the source of the River Bladnoch, which provides the water that has sustained Bladnoch Distillery since it was founded in 1817. The name of the series acknowledges the significance of those who most appreciate Bladnoch’s bold Galloway spirit, and the role they play in keeping the distillery in flow.

Chapter 1 in the series pays tribute to Mr Arnold, a lifelong admirer of Bladnoch. Mr Arnold became familiar with Bladnoch when he owned a home in Garlieston, close to the distillery, in Dumfries and Galloway’s Wigtown. He first visited the distillery after becoming curious about single malt Scotch. After trying Bladnoch’s meticulously crafted whiskies and learning more about the time-honoured skills required to create them, he became a regular visitor to the distillery and a great admirer of the people who worked there.

ABV: 56.7%, RRP, £150. It can be purchased from www.uk.bladnoch.com/pages/stories-of-bladnoch

Notes: Nose: Dark blackcurrant jam with fir cones, orange peel zest and dark chocolate. Palate: Strawberries and cream with ginger covered dark chocolates. Finish: Sweet and sticky, calm warming caramel.



Chef, author and food writer Gill Meller is set to release his single cask whisky this month in partnership with Scotland’s leading organic whisky distillery Nc’nean.

In July last year, Gill made the long winding journey from his home in the south west of England, to Nc’nean’s small distillery on the west coast of Scotland to try and deliver a British ex- rum cask filled with Nc’nean’s already maturing whisky.

The British ex-Rum cask was previously maturing at B Corp certified Devon based Rum distillery, Two Drifters, who like Nc’nean are driven by creating delicious tasting spirits that have a minimal impact on the environment.

ABV: 51.4%, RRP, £ £89.95. It can be purchased from ncnean.com/collections/all-spirits

Notes: Orange rind and root spices.



Torabhaig, the Isle of Skye Single Malt Distillery, has unveiled Cnoc Na Mòine, the limited edition third chapter in its Legacy Series that charts the journey to a ten-year-old expression.

Meaning “hill of peat” in Gaelic, Cnoc Na Mòine is an elegantly peated single malt shaped by the Isle of Skye and evocative of the atmospheric mists and rugged beauty of the Hebridean island. Cnoc Na Mòine is also the distillery’s first release that includes single malt matured in Sherry casks.

The whisky showcases the impact that rich sherry casks can have on the elegant smoke & brine character of Torabhaig and help this robustly peated spirit sing with a complex and characterful maritime song rich with elegance and finesse.

ABV: 46%, RRP, £58. It can be purchased from torabhaig.com

Notes: On the nose there are hints of orange peel and dying embers with a subdued peat smoke aroma giving way to vanilla and freshly sawn oak. The peat smoke returns to the palate before the light spirit brings in pepper, balsamic acidity and gentle spice alongside fragrant touches of cedar and leather.  The sherry influence shines on the finish, balancing perfectly with the peat smoke and spice of Torabhaig spirit.

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